Tongan man killed in stabbing, brother, killer in custody in Sydney

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

    A Tongan man has been stabbed to death in a unit in Sydney’s west over the weekend.

    The Sydney Morning Herald  reported William Hunuki, 27, died after his life support was switched off in Liverpool Hospital about 9pm on Saturday.

    He had been stabbed in the abdomen at a unit in Bankstown about 3am, police reportedly said.

    The victim’s brother is also in custody for his alleged role in the fatal attack.

    Alexander John Dunleavy, 26, faced Parramatta bail court on Sunday, accused of delivering the fatal wounds after an altercation.

    He was also charged with assaulting an officer in the execution of his duty.

    Dozens of Tongan friends and family posted tributes to Mr Hunuki.

    Some were shocked and asked other Facebook friends to confirm whether this was the son of Billy and Muimui Tanginoa Hunuki in which the respondents agreed and confirmed.

    “Four years of memories with you in the army and you were one of my closest friends throughout them all,” one friend wrote on Facebook with a picture of Mr Hunuki in ADF uniform.

    “Know you’re still laughing and smiling like you used to on the other side Nukki, R.I.P brother.”

    Mr Hunuki’s partner posted a picture of the couple in happier times alongside a Bible verse; “before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations”.

    Mr Dunleavy, who police said was known to his victim, did not apply for bail and it was formally denied by the magistrate.

    The victim’s younger brother, Filisione Hunuki, 23, was also refused bail over two domestic violence charges and one charge of being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence.

    It’s unclear what role the younger Hunuki had in the incident that claimed his brother’s life.

    He is expected to appear before the same court on Tuesday, while Mr Dunleavy is expected before the court again on September 26.


    1. Mate ha tangata Tonga ‘i ha hoka hele ne fai ‘i Senē hili ia ha to’o e mīsini fakamānava’ ‘i he Fale Mahaki Liverpool he Tokonaki’.

      Na’e hoka ia ‘i hono kete’ ‘i ha ‘iuniti ‘i Bankstown ofi he taimi 3png fakatatau ki he kau polisi’.

      Taimi tatau ‘oku tauhi ‘e he kau polisi’ ‘a hono tokoua ko Filisione Hunuki ta’u 23 ‘o tukuaki’i ne ‘i ai ‘ene kaunga ki he hoka ne fai’.

      ‘Oku tukuaki’i ‘a e tokotaha ta’u 26 ko Alexander John Dunleavy ki he hoka ne tupu ai e mate ‘a William.

      Taimi tatau oku mahino ko e foha ‘eni ‘o Billy mo Muimui Hunuki kuo’ ne pekia’.


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