Three arrested in separate incidents; meth and cannabis seized in Tongatapu

    Puke ha tangata mei Kolonga mo ha ongo ki'i pēketi faito'o konatapu mefi pehē ki ha kenapisi na'e puke ia mo ha tokoua mei Tofoa fakataha mo ha pa'anga $300. Na'e hoko kotoa 'eni he uike' ni.

    Tonga Police have arrested three people for various drug offenses.

    The arrests were the result of two separate search warrants.

    The first incident occurred after a 48-year-old man from Kolonga was arrested with two small packets of methamphetamine on Monday, July 2 in Nuku’alofa.

    He has been charged with possession of the illicit drug after an incident at the E.M. Jones petrol station.

    The accused could not be able to pay for his petrol so the petrol station staff called Police.

    When Police officers arrived they searched the man’s car and found the methamphetamine.

    The accused is expected to appear at the Magistrate’s Court on July 9.

    The following day, in a separate incident, Police executed a search warrant at a home in Tofoa in which they seized 102 packets ready for sale.

    They also seized around $300 pa’anga cash.

    Two accused aged 22 and 20 years were arrested and taken into custody.

    Police investigation continues.


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