NZ passengers to Tonga allowed to carry fruits without quarantine certificate

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga

    Passengers from New Zealand who wanted fruits to take with them to Tonga can now be able to carry up to 20 kg of selected fruits without a phytosanitary certificate, Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Food and Fisheries (MAFFF) said.

    The passengers only required to show evidence that the fruit was purchased in New Zealand by providing an original receipt as proof of purchase.

    Consignment weighing more than 20 kg per adult passenger will be confiscated.

    Previously, passengers who wanted to send fruits to Tonga from New Zealand must get an approved export certificate from New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industry. It has to be provided to the kingdom’s Quarantine officials at the airport to help clear the fruits.

    Any fruits passengers have carried with them but they were not purchased in New Zealand will be destroyed, MAFF said.

    If fruits do not meet the importation requirements it may be confiscated and destroyed.

    Passengers from Australia were not allowed to bring fruits to the kingdom because of fruit fly threat, it said.

    The fruit fly is one of the most destructive of the 4500 fruit flies in the world.

    “It is fond of fleshy fruits such as avocado, citrus, tomato, guava, feijoa, grape, peppers, persimmon, pipfruit, berryfruit and stonefruit.”

    The public announcement came after Kaniva news reported in 2016 that MAFFF was concerned at the number of cases where goods have to be confiscated and destroyed because their senders have ignored or do not understand the rules on importing meat and fruit.

    “Passenger accompanied fruit from Australia is prohibited and will be confiscated and destroyed due to the risks of fruit fly Fruits allowed into Tonga from New Zealand are listed in table1 below.

    “Remember to declare the fruits on your arrival card and show the receipts. “No show of receipts can also lead to confiscation and eventual destruction,” MAFF said.

    The passenger must show evidence that the fruit was purchased in New Zealand by providing an original receipt as proof of purchase.

    Accompanied fruits that were not purchased in New Zealand will be destroyed.

    Consignment exceeding the 20 kg limit per adult passenger will be confiscated.

    Consignment purchased in New Zealand without proof of purchase will be confiscated.

    Plant Import Permits and Quarantine Entry will be issued at Fua’amotu Airport after Inspection of fruit.

    List of fruits allowed from New Zealand

    Fruits’ Scientific Names:

    Apple (fresh fruit) Malus spp.
    Avocado (fresh fruit) Persea americana
    Balsam pear Momordica charantia
    Blueberry Vaccinium spp.
    Cape gooseberry Physalis peruviana
    Cardoon Cynara cardunculus
    Citrus (fresh fruit) Citrus spp.
    Cranberry (fresh fruit) Vaccinium macrocarpon
    Currant (fresh fruit) Ribe spp.
    Feijoa (fresh fruit) Feijoa sellowiana
    Grape (fresh fruit) Vitis spp.
    Nashi fruit(fresh fruit) Pyrus pyrifolia
    Olive Oleae uropea
    Pear (fresh fruit) Pyrus communis
    Nectarine (fresh fruit) Prunus persica
    Kiwifruits (fresh fruit) Actinidia deliciosa
    Pepino (pear melon ) Solanum muricatum
    Persimmon (fresh fruit) Diospyros virginiana
    Apricot (fresh fruit) Prunus armeniaca
    Peach (fresh fruit) Prunus persica
    Cherry (fresh fruit) Prunus spp.
    Strawberry (fresh fruit) Fragaria ananassa
    Cumquat (kumquat )(fresh fruit) Fortunella margarita
    Lemon (fresh fruit) Citrus limon
    Mandarin (fresh fruit) Citrus reticulata
    Orange (fresh fruit) Citrus sinensis
    Plum (fresh fruit) Purunus domestica
    Satsuma mandarin(fresh fruit) Citrus reticulata
    Citrus Seville orange (fresh) Citrus aurantium
    Lychee (fresh fruit) Litchi chinensis
    Nashi (fresh fruit) Pyrus spp.
    Persimmon (fresh fruit) Diospyros khaki
    Mango (fresh fruit) Mangifera indica


    1. Kuo faka’atā ke folau ‘a e kau pāsese mei Nu’u Sila’ ki Tonga mo ha fua’i’akau mei Nu’u Sila ta’e ‘i ai ha tohi faka’atā fakakolonitini.

      Ka ‘e ngata pe ‘i he kilo ‘e 20 ki he toko taha lahi ‘e taha.

      Ko e me’a pe ‘oku fie ma’u’ ke fakahā ‘e he toko taha pāsese ko ia’ ‘i Tonga ‘a e tali totongi ‘o fakamahino na’e fakatau ‘a e fuluti’ ‘i Nu’u Sila.

      Ko ha fuluti ne fakatau mei ha toe fonua kehe ‘e fa’ao ia ‘i Tonga ‘o faka’auha.

      ‘Oku kau ‘a e ‘uhinga ‘oku ta’ofi ai ‘a e fuluti mei ‘Aositelēlia’ ko e manavasi’i ki he lango fua’i’akau’ pe fruit fly.

      Ko e lango fakatu’utāmaki ‘eni ‘oku ma’u pe ‘i ‘Aositelēlia pea ‘oku taku ko e lango fakatu’utāmaki taha ia he fa’ahinga kehekehe ‘o e lango fuluti ‘e 4500 ‘i māmani.


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