Mahoni family overseas to attend twin sister’s funeral

    Kuo mahino 'eni ko e ki'i ta'ahine ko ia ko Hinemoa Mahoni na'e mate 'i fale mahaki he Sāpate' hili hano tui'i he hala Paipāsi' ko e mahanga pea oku kei mo'ui pe hoo māhanga' ko Losa Mahoni.

    Members of a Tongan family in New Zealand and Hawai’i will fly to Tonga to attend the funeral of the school girl who died in Tongatapu on Sunday.

    As Kaniva reported this week, Hinemoa Mahoni, 12,  died in hospital from serious head injuries after she was hit in By-Pass Road by an overtaking vehicle.

    She was a twin and she was a student at ‘Apifo’ou college.

    Her uncle Joe Mahoni in Hawai’i told Kaniva news he has sent some money to Tonga to help his older brother ‘Alani prepare his daughter’s funeral.

    Joe said his siblings and relatives in New Zealand will be in Tonga during the funeral.

    He said a wake will be held for Hinemoa this Friday morning before she will be laid to rest the same day.

    Hinemoa was waiting for a bus with other members of her family when the crash happened.

    A Popua man had been charged with reckless driving causing death.

    It is believed the accused overtook in the face of oncoming traffic before hitting the victim.

    Hinemoa is survived by her twin, Losa Mahoni, her parents and six siblings.


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