‘Ikale Tahi manager claims TRU has blown its budget and says “no sponsor will touch us”

    'Oku taupotu 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga ki he ongoongo' ni

    ‘Ikale Tahi manager ‘Inoke Afeaki  said late payment to team players had been caused by the Tonga Rugby Union exhausting its TP$400,000 annual budget.

    He was replying to comments published in Kaniva News this week by TRU CEO Fe’ao Vunipola who said Afeaki was aware payment would be a few days late.

    He said all players had received all their allowances.

    In our Sunday’s story Vunipola claimed Afeaki had been highly critical of the TRU after Cyclone Gita, regarding Teufaiva and possible matches and games allegedly lost due to uncertainties within the Union.

    Afeaki claimed money that was supposed to be used only for the Ikale Tahi had been spent on the Tonga A and Under 20s teams.

    “World Rugby know our governance is a serious worry with the way it’s structured,” Afeaki said.

    “No sponsor will touch us in its current form.”

    He said nothing had been done to bring in any cash sponsors and the TRU could not keep taking money from tax payers.

    There was no commercial and marketing arm at TRU even though one of World Rugby’s advice was to have one, he said.

    He said he had explained many times at meetings what the issues were.

    Afeaki alleged his instructions had not been followed on certain issues and this had led to problems and delays

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    1. Pehē ‘e he pule ‘o e ‘Ikale Tahi’ ‘Inoke Afeaki ko e tupu e tōmui ‘a e vahe ‘a e kau va’inga ‘Ikale Tahi’ koe’uhi ne ‘osi e patiseti fakata’u $400,000 ia ‘a e Poate ‘Akapulu ‘a Tonga’.

      Ko e tali ‘eni ‘a Afeaki hili hano pehē ‘e he CEO Fe’ao Vunipola he ongoongo ‘a e Kaniva’ ne ‘osi ‘ilo pe ‘a Afeaki ‘e tomui ‘a e vahe’ hili e fe’auhi Ipu ‘a e Pasifiki’ ne toki ‘osi’. Pehē ‘e Afeaki ko e pa’anga ia ko ia’ ne taumu’a pe ia ki he ‘Ikale Tahi’ ka ne ngāue’aki ia ki he Tonga A mo e Under 20s.

      Ne pehē foki e Vunipola ne fakaanga’i lahi e ‘Inoke e Poate’ hili e matangi ko Kita ka ne tukunoa’i pe ‘eni ‘e he poate’. Pehē ‘e Afeaki ko e fa’unga lolotonga ‘o e poate’ he taimi ni’ ‘e ‘ikai pe ke fie ala mai ha sponisoa ia ‘o tokoni’i e ‘Ikale Tahi pea ko e me’a pe ‘e iku ki ai ko e fakafalala pe he tukuhau ‘a e kakai’ mei he pule’anga’.


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