Girl dies in hospital after allegedly being hit by passing vehicle in Tongatapu

Mate ki'i ta'ahine mei Halaleva ko Hinemoa Mahoni 'i fale mahaki Vaiola pehē ko e tui'i 'e ha me'alele 'aneafi 'aho Tokonaki ko hono 14 'o Siulai.

A young girl who was allegedly hit by a passing vehicle yesterday July 14 in Nuku’alofa has died in Vaiola hospital.

Hinemoa Mahoni, 12, was admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before she died today.

The details of the road accident and her death had not been officially released.

Fr Leonaitasi Leon Tongia of the Roman Catholic church who was working with patients at the hospital made an emotional Facebook post about Mahoni yesterday.

“One of my patients ,Hinemoa Mahoni, got in a horrible car accident this morning [July] 14 in Halaleva, she is in ICU and she’s not waking up.

“She is still in a coma but she twitches her eyes a little bit and moves her arm she has a trachea tube and I really need some answers.

Fr Tongia said being at the helm of other people especially in a difficult and stressful situation such as having a loved one critically ill in Intensive Care Unit was frustrating.

“It might take you a few days in order to get your head around of what’s being said and what you’ve been told if your loved one is critically ill in Intensive Care,” Fr Tongia wrote.

This afternoon after Mahoni was announced dead Fr Tongia wrote he wanted to thank the Lord for He has given time for them to be with Mahoni.

“I really feel for the loss and I am asking you for your prayers. I want to send my love to the family and the supporters,” he wrote in Tongan.

“May she rest in peace.”


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