Employee of company which illegally dumped human waste in Vava’u speaks out

Vakai ki he ngata'anga fakamatala 'i he lea 'Ingilisi 'oku 'i ai ha fakamatala faka-Tonga ki he ongoongo' ni

A former employee of the company which illegally dumped human waste into the sea in Vava’u has spoken out.

Akoli Lihau of ‘Utungake said he worked for Australian businessman Ian Jones, who was convicted and fined for the dumping in June this year,

Lihau said he worked for Jones from June to September 2017 as a driver of his septic tank truck.

He claimed they dumped more than 50 septic tank trucks of human waste in the mangroves near Pangaimotu.

At one stage Lihau took pictures of Jones and the truck while they were dumping the waste. He said he later shared the pictures with some people.

He claimed on that day they dumped three septic tanks into the mangroves.

He said on one occasion the truck broke down and he helped Jones use a hose pipe and a generator to drain the human waste out into the mangroves.

Lihau said a tourist from the UK asked what he was dumping and he said he told them it was water.

Lihau said he was lying to cover it up but in fact he was dumping human waste.

He said tourists used to swim and kayak near the dumpsite.

Jones was convicted by a Vava’u court and fined TP$1000 on June 20 after an inspection by the Health Authority following the dump found infectious disease from the waste in the sea near the dumping site.

Fishing and swimming in the area has been banned, affecting residents of Pangaimotu, Toula, ‘Utungake, ‘Utulei, Talihau and Neiafu.

Lihau claimed he went to Australia in November last year and received a phone call from Jones complaining that he found out Lihau had reported the dumping to the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC).

He claimed Jones demanded he pay him TP$800 as he has paid a TP$4000 to MEIDECC.

Lihau claimed he only paid TP$200 after Jones threatened to report him to Australian Immigration.

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  1. Kuo lea ‘a e tokotaha na’a’ ne ngāue ma’a e tangata pisinisi ‘Aositelēlia ‘i Vava’u ko Ian Jones ne tautea ‘e he fakamaau’anga’ koe’uhī ko ‘ene lingi e fakaveve ‘a e tangata’ he tongo ofi ‘i Pangaimotu’. Ko e tangata ‘eni ko ‘Akoli Lihau pea ‘oku’ ne fakafuofua ne a’u ki he loli ‘e 50 tupu’ ne lingi he tongo’. Kuo ta’ofi ai ‘a e potu tahi’ ni ke toe fai ai ha toutai mo ha kaukau he ne ma’u ha siemu fakatupu mahaki ai hili e ngāue pango ‘a e motu’a muli’ ni.

  2. The reason a majority of the palangi have not commented is because they know Mr Jones has friends in high places, the same friends who assisted him with his defence. For example a Governor who prohibited the Pangai people from marching in protest, a magistrate that can be bought for a case of alcohol, police who turn a blind eye and Immigration that allow him to employ cheap illegal over stayers in the Kingdom. These friends of Ian’s could negatively impact future business/ investment/ visa applications of any palangis condemning Mr Jones.

    • Nooo put his ar… in Jail! Nothing to think about! He put so many lives in danger and couldn’t care less about the repercussions! This Tongan guy that reported him did the right thing! Please don’t let these foreigners
      Think it’s okay to pollute our Island! Quit allowing palangi’s into Tonga because they
      Have money! This is the beginning of the end!

  3. Omg revoke his license and put his ass in jail thats a damn serious crime if he did that in Australia he’ll be in jail plus a very hefty fine dump shit


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