Car badly damaged after Tongatapu crash

    Maumau lahi ha kā ne fepaki 'i Ha'ateiho ofi he taimi 10ef 'anepoo'. 'Oku mahino ne 'ave ha ni'ihi ai ki fale mahaki pea 'oku te'eki mahino ko e toko fiha pea 'oku 'i ai nai ha mate pe 'ikai.

    A car was left badly damaged after being involved in a crash in Ha’ateiho last night at about 10pm.

    The cause of the crash and its details were still unknown.

    An eyewitness told Kaniva News people who got involved in the crash were taken to hospital but he did not know how many of them.

    Sio Kolomalu, a resident of Ha’ateiho who took pictured at the scene alleged one person who was in the car was in critical condition.

    He said he arrived at the scene after the injured were already taken to hospital.


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