Call for Tongan residents in Oakland, US to check their vehicles after crash

    Ko e veeni 'eni ne fepaki 'i Oakland, Kalifōnia 'i 'Amelika pea kuo ui ai ha fefine Tonga ko 'Iva Fā'otusia he feitu'u' ni ki he kāinga Tonga ai' ke vakai n'a ko ha'anau me'alele 'eni. 'Oku 'i ai e tui ko e vēni' ni na'e kaiha'asi ki mu'a he fakatu'utāmaki'. Ne hola ia e faka'uli' ia.

    A Tongan woman in Oakland, California said she wanted Tongan residents in the area to check their vehicles after she found a black Yukon XL GMC van crashing outside her house.

    The van has a California registration number plate 5FIS254 but Kaniva News could not be able to obtain the information about the vehicle’s year.

    ‘Iva Fā’otusia said she suspected the vehicle had been stolen before it crashed into three vehicles in front of her neighbour.

    The driver fled the scene after the crash, she said.

    “Please share this with our Tongan family in Oakland so that everyone could see if the vehicle belonged to them,” she said.

    Fā’otusia said if some one stole a vehicle the owner could be going crazy all day and that was why she wanted to help.


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