‘Amanaki Mafi, Lopeti Timani fined $15000 for fight in Dunedin

'Oku 'i lalo ha fakamatala faka-Tonga ki he ongoongo' ni

Melbourne Rebels fined ‘Amanaki Mafi and Lopeti Timani $15,000 each for their fight in Dunedin, New Zealand following their 43-37 loss to the Highlanders on Saturday.

On Monday, Japanese international Mafi appeared in Dunedin District Court charged with injuring with intent to injure over an incident in the South Island town of Dunedin.

The 28-year-old entered no plea and was granted bail.

The terms of his bail mean he cannot associate with Timani.

His case has been scheduled to return to court on August 3 — although he won’t have to appear in person.

Rugby Australia will wait until after the court hearing before determining in further action is required.

Police in a statement told foxsports.com.au the victim had received moderate injuries but did not need to be hospitalised.

“The alleged victim … received moderate injuries following the incident,” a NZ Police spokeswoman said.

“He did not require hospitalisation.”

On Tuesday, the Rebels fined the duo the maximum amount for breaking disciplinary protocol.

While it’s understood the Rebels didn’t have a curfew in place following their season defining match, the duo are believed to have been away from their team hotel later than expected.

Rebels ceo Baden Stephenson said the actions of the departing players were unacceptable and tarnished the progress made by the club in turning around their culture.

“Notwithstanding that both Amanaki Mafi and Lopeti Timani were finishing at the Rebels this season and heading overseas to continue their playing careers, it is only appropriate, given the seriousness of the incident, to sanction both players with a significant fine,” Stephenson said.

“Along with the Rebels Board, head coach David Wessels and club management, we have strived this year to re-build a culture which values respect and excellence in everything we do.

“The actions of these two players is totally contrary to our club’s values and has tarnished the excellent work of so many in the club, both on and off the field this season.

“I only hope that both Amanaki and Lopeti genuinely reflect on and learn from this very troubling incident.

“The club has supported both players over recent days and will continue to ensure their wellbeing now and into the future.”

The $30,000 in fines will be donated to the Rugby Victoria Quilt program — an education and participation program designed to use Rugby as the vehicle to prevent domestic violence, create inclusive sport and recreation environments to ensure that both women and children are not only safe, but respected and treated as equals.

Timani, 27, has already signed with French Top 14 club La Rochelle.

He played 12 Tests for the Wallabies, but was troubled by consistency.

Mafi, the 2017 Australian Super Rugby player of the year, is expected to join the Sunwolves ahead of next year’s World Cup in Japan.

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  1. Kuo tautea’i ‘e he timi ‘Akapulu a e Mebourne Rebels ‘a ‘Amanaki Mafi mo Lopeti Timani taki $15,000 ko ‘ena fuhu ‘i Nu’u Sila hili ‘enau fo’i he Highlanders 43-37 he Tokonaki’.

    ‘Oku lolotong hopo’i ‘a Mafi ki he’ene ‘ohofi ‘a Lopeti’ hili ‘ene hā ‘i ha fakamaau’anga ‘i Tanītini he Tūsite’. ‘Oku te’eki tala e tu’utu’uni ko ia’. Kuo ‘osi foki e taimi va’inga ia ‘o e tangata’ ni mo e Rebels pea’ ne ‘amanaki’ ke na foki atu ki he’ena konituleki ‘i muli’.

    Kuo ‘osi va’inga ‘a Timani ma’a e Ualapii’ ‘i ha tesi ‘e 12 pea ko Mafi foki ko e Tangata Va’inga ia ‘o e Ta’u’ ‘a ‘Aositelēlia he 2017. ‘Oku ‘amanaki ke foki atu ia ki he Sunwolves ki mu’a he Ipu ‘a Māmani he ta’u kaha’u’ ‘i Siapani.


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