‘Ālisi Taumoepeau patron for police recruits

Hoko 'Alisi Taumoepeau ko e pataloni 'a e kau hū fo'ou hono 45 ki he Polisi 'a ia te ne tokanga'i kinautolu fale'i mo fakahinohino ki he ngaahi founga ngāue fakapolisi' . Ko e toko 28 kotoa 'a e kau likuluti ko 'eni' pea 'e foaki 'enau tohi fakamo'oni ako polisi' 'i 'Okatopa.

A former Minister of Justice, Attorney and Solicitor General of Tonga has become a patron for the latest wing of police recruits.

‘Ālisi Taumoepeau said Police have to work according to the rule of law.

Police must act professionally to retain public confidence, she said.

“Police officers are at the frontline and forefront of fighting crime. Your mission in keeping our communities safe and that protection is built on the ‘rule of law’,” Taumoepeau said.

As patron she’s both mentor and coach for the 28-strong 45th wing.

Taumoepeau started at the Longolongo Police College on Thursday 19.

“During the course of the Recruitment the Patron will spend time with the young recruits providing encouragement and motivation for the task ahead of them,” a Police statement said.

Recruits spend six months in residence at the college

The wing is made up of 10 women and 18 men.

They will be graduated on the second week of October 2018.


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