Vava’u family say man allegedly commit suicide after embarrassing video went viral

    Tukuaki'i 'e he fāmili' ngalingali na'a ko ha taonakita hili e mate 'a Sione Vaikele Fifita 'o Matamaka, Vava'u' tupu mei ha fo'i vitio fakatupu mā ne tuku hake ki he mītia fakasōsiale'. Ko e vitiō ko 'eni' pehē ne faitaa'i fakapulipuli 'i ha faikava 'i Vava'u pe, ne 'asi ai ha toko taha 'oku pehē ko Fifita ia 'oku' hangē na'a' ne tolongi'aki ha me'a ha tangata 'e taha. Na'e toe 'asi 'oku' ne toe lue atu ki he toko taha' ni 'o silafa'aki hono nima'. 'Oku pehē ko e tangata angalelei 'a Fifita pea ko e tangata 'o e fāmili'. Na'e puke 'e he kau polisi' ha me'afana hili e mate 'a Fifita'.

    A family member said his cousin allegedly committed suicide after an embarrassing video surreptitiously taken of him in a kava drinking party went viral and led to him being bullied online.

    We can now reveal the deceased’s name as Sione Vaikele Fifita.

    According to the video which was uploaded to Facebook a week before Fifita died, a man was seen pelting an object at another man.

    The thrower was later identified as Fifita.

    Fifita was also seen walking to the man and apparently slapping him with his hand.

    Some commenters on social media criticised and condemned Fifita’s action.

    A friend who used to drink kava with Fifita said he was outgoing and outspoken and that his death came as a huge shock.

    Relatives and friends of the deceased described him on social media as a family man.

    Another described him as a man with a quality of character and nobility of soul.

    It is understood Police have confiscated a gun following Fifita’s death.

    Police are not looking for anyone else in connection to the incident.

    Neiafu Town Officer Vava Lapota earlier told Kaniva News an inquest was expected to be held to look into the causes and circumstances around Fifita’s death.

    For further information

    Man dies in suspicious circumstances in Vava’u


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