Tongatapu fire destroys house, bus and a van

Vela ha fale 'o ka'anga malie fakataha mo ha pasi mo ha veeni 'i Kahoua. Pehē 'e ha līpooti 'e taha na'e vela mo ha palau. Na'e 'ave ha fetu'utaki ki he Potungāue Tāmate Afi' ke 'omi ha līpooti ki he vela' ni.

A house, a bus and an eight-seater new van were destroyed by a blaze on Sunday morning in Kahoua.

One report says a tractor was also destroyed.

There were no reports of injuries.

Kaniva News understands the house and the vehicles belonged to Tevita Pale and Sela Pale Na’a of Kahoua.

The Pales owned four buses and other vehicles.

It is understood the family did not have enough time to move all the vehicles out of the scene when the fire started.

Relatives and friends of the Pales took to Facebook to express their sympathy to the family.

The Tonga Fire and Emergency Services was contacted for comment.


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