This trick ensures your luggage will come off the plane first

Kapau ke folau pea ke loto ke fakavave’i hano ma’u ho’o ‘ū kato’ ho’o tau ki he mala’evakapuna ke folau ki ai’ ko e ki’i tuliki (trick)‘eni ke ke muimui ai na’a tokoni atu. Feinga ke fakaheka fakamuimui taha ho’o kato’. He ‘e ‘alu atu ia ‘o taupotu mai he ‘ū uta’ ne ‘osi fakaheka’, ko ia ai ‘e kau ia ‘i he ‘uluaki fakahifo’. Ua e tuliki’, ko ho’o tala ki he kau sivi kato’ oku ‘i ai ‘a e me’a ‘oku pelepelengesi ‘i loto ho’o uta’ pea ke nau fakapipiki ai ‘a e tepi pelepelengesi’ pe fragile. Ko e ngaahi uta pelepelengesi’ ‘oku kau ia he fakaheka fakamuimui taha’. Kapau ke manavasi’i na’a fai ho’o taitaimi atu ki mala’e ke toki fakaheka fakamuimui ho’o uta’ ‘o ke tōmui, ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e app ia te ke lava ngāue’aki ke ke ‘ilo ai pe ‘oku kei taimi pe pea ko e hā e tokolahi ‘o e kau kei laini atu he kiu’. ‘Oku ui e app ko ‘eni ko e Tripit pea ‘oku ma’u ia heni -

If you hate waiting for your luggage at the luggage carousel while all the other passengers grab their bags and head out into the sun this is what you can do.

The key is to make sure your luggage was one of the last to load on.

This means it will probably be first off and one of the first on the carousel when you arrive.

Clearly, this trick only works when you have a direct flight. If you have a connection, then your gate-checked bag is going to end up right back in the mix on your next flight just as if you had checked it when you arrived at the airport.

The second suggestion is a little more interesting and involves checking your bag like normal, but asking for it to be labelled as fragile. Fragile bags are loaded onto the plane last, which means your bags should come off first.

But if you’re going to tag your luggage, make sure to leave one thing off – your address, according to New York Post.

Opportunistic thieves will know that you are not at home and could try to burgle the property as a result.

Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp worker and gate agent at a regional airport in the US, according to the Post said on Quora: “Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last, your bags will be in the last bag cart.

If you’re concerned about leaving it late to check in at the airport, there’s now an app that lets you plan the amount of time needed to get through to the boarding gate comfortably.

TripIt lets people check the size of the queues at security before they’ve even got to the airport, reports Travel and Leisure.

The new addition to the travel app monitors airport security queues in real time by using sensors to track travelers’ movements in the lines.

It will let you know how long it’ll take you to get to your gate, down to the minute, and even which queues are the fastest when you get to security.

At present, the app can only tell you about waits at a handful of airports such as Orlando International and Denver International.

But there are plans to roll it out across more locations in the future.


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