Schoolboy fight condemned as “nonsense” and attention seeking by onlookers

Kuo hiki eni e vakai 'a e kakai ki he kei hokohoko atu 'a e fuhu fakaako' mei he 'uhinga ko e tau'aki tu'uaki ha fa'ahinga mo'oni fakatamaiki ako ki he me'a 'oku ui ko e laulaunoa, fai ko e sio 'a e tamaiki fefine' pea kuo faka'au ke pango'ia e kakai' hono kei fai'.

A brawl by school boys at Nuku’alofa bus station today has been described by members of the public as “nonsense” started by attention seekers.

Photos uploaded to social media showed young men wearing Tonga College uniforms were fighting with some men in casual clothing.

One person appeared in Apifo’ou college uniform

Police tried to break up the fight.

Lupe Mo’onia, who took photos of the brawl, has confirmed the incident to Kaniva News.

He alleged on Facebook the fight were between the Liahona college and Tonga college.

Most commenters on Facebook said it was not funny at all.

A commenter said it made him feel “sick”.

One claimed those who were in casual clothing were in school holidays while Tonga college students were having their exam week this week. They said it’s a bit harder during that type of a week to keep track of everyone


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