Police seize $30 million cocaine in Ha‘apai

    Puke kōkeini kilo 'e 58 'i Ha'apai fakafuofua hono mahu'inga' 'o ka fakatau atu he hala pule'anga' mo e $30 miliona. Kuo puke ha toko ua tangata ta'u 26 mo e ta'u 28 'i Ha'apai fekau'aki mo e puke ko 'eni'. Ko ha fakamatala tonu 'eni mei he kau polisi ne tuku ange mai he 'aho ni 'o pehē ko ha fo'i fekumi 'eni 'a e Polisi' ne na fengāue'aki ai mo e kau Tau Malu'i 'a 'Ene 'Afio'.

    Fifty-eight kilograms of cocaine, with a street value of up to TOP$30 million, has been uncovered by police in Ha’apai.

    Two local men, aged 26 and 28, have been arrested and are in police custody in relation to the seizure of the illicit drugs

    The bust came as an ongoing Police operation which began in June 8 and was assisted by His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

    “We will protect our borders and people with everything that it takes,” said Commissioner Caldwell.

    “This is a highly significant seizure, which sends a clear message that Police, along with partner agencies will continue to work together to disrupt the supply of illicit drugs.

    Commissioner Caldwell emphasizes that the fight against drugs is a challenge for the country and not just the Police. “We need to protect our youth from these criminals who are destroying their future by addicting them to drugs.”

    Police wish to thank the public for their support as well as the assistance from His Majesty’s Navy during this Operation. Commissioner Caldwell also commended the outstanding work of his police officers during this Operation.

    Those with any information on drug-related offending or suspicious activities are encouraged to speak in confidence to an officer at their local Police station, or contact 23417 or 25147.

    As the case is before the Courts no further information will be released.


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