Mt Eden crash will affect Auckland’s western train timetable

Tu'u e fefononga'aki lēlue 'i he Western line hili eni ha tukutui'i atu 'e ha loli e 'otu laine 'uhila 'i Mt Eden 'i 'Aokalani. 'Oku lolotonga 'i ai 'a e kau polisi' he mangafā 'o e Boston Rd mo e Normanby Rd.

Train services on the Western line have been stopped after a truck crashed into powerlines in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden.

Police are currently at the scene at the intersection of Boston Road and Normanby Road.

This is going to affect train services and these have been stopped until further notice.

There will be disruption to traffic in the area as we have closed the road while contractors clean up the powerlines.

There are no reported injuries.


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