Internet freak out after young woman’s dancing captured on video

Vakai hifo ki lalo ki he vitoo'. 'Oku tipeiti ai ha ni'ihi 'o e kāinga Tonga' he ngaluope' 'o pehē 'oku kei mahu'inga e molumalu mo e anganofo 'a e hou'eiki fafine pea ni'ihi nau pehē ko e ta'au pe 'eni ia 'a e kuonga'.

Scroll down to watch the video A video of a woman dancing enthusiastically at a function attended by Tongan fans has caused strong criticism from some members of the public. The video was uploaded to Facebook recently by Lia Moeakiola. It has since been viewed more than 65,000 times, received 603 shares and had 549…

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