Internet freak out after young woman’s dancing captured on video

Vakai hifo ki lalo ki he vitoo'. 'Oku tipeiti ai ha ni'ihi 'o e kāinga Tonga' he ngaluope' 'o pehē 'oku kei mahu'inga e molumalu mo e anganofo 'a e hou'eiki fafine pea ni'ihi nau pehē ko e ta'au pe 'eni ia 'a e kuonga'.

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A video of a woman dancing enthusiastically at a function attended by Tongan fans has caused strong criticism from some members of the public.

The video was uploaded to Facebook recently by Lia Moeakiola. It has since been viewed more than 65,000 times, received 603 shares and had 549 reactions.

The incident occurred during a function in an outdoor netball court.

Some comments on social media suggested the footage was captured in Tonga.

Kaniva News has been unable to confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was made.

The video showed a young woman and her male partner along with few others dancing to a song by Ed Sheeran, ‘Perfect.’

At some stages she appeared irrepressible while she was being rotated and swung around  by her partner. Her partner had to assist her to make sure she did not fall over.

At the end of the clip the young girl fell to the floor and after her partner helped her up she pushed him before they left the scene.

Some Tongans were overhead in the video talking and making fun of the incident.

The clip had attracted apparently two groups of viewers.

One appeared to be young people who appreciated what they described as the young woman’s “confidence” in the way how she danced, and the second group appeared to be from those who wanted to keep dignity of women’s molumalu tangutu and anganofo according to the Tongan cultural code of conduct.

One commenter on Facebook wrote in Tongan: “Tau toe sesele tautolu he kata he fanga ki’i finemui he enau fkma’ama’a’i pehe’i kinautolu ee.”

This translate into English as: “We would end up being mad when laughing at these young women for acting in a way which makes light of their dignity.”

“Koia pea faka’ohovale ‘ae ta’au ‘a e kuonga ‘i Tonga! Ne tau pehe koe kovi ‘ae longa’i fanau tupu ‘ihe ng fonua ‘i muli ta ‘oku fu’u kovi ange ‘ae kau tupu pe ‘i Tonga. Hoooiiii,” a responder wrote.

This translates into English as: “Yes. And the way how things are evolving in Tonga is shocking. We thought our youth who grew up in foreign countries were worse, but it was rather our youth who grew up in Tonga.”

The responder suggested that some one should have helped the young woman.

Some commenters were far more complimentary.

“I love this girl’s enthusiasm ? she totally spiced it up with her dance,” one wrote.

“Shes so cuuttee hahaha love her!” another said.


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