High Commissioner Fane Tupouvava’u Kaho meets Queen Elizabeth II

Fekita ta'ahine Kuini 'o Pilitānia' mo 'Eiki Fane Tupouvava'u Kaho 'i he palasi Pākingihami'. Ko e konga 'eni hono fakakakato 'o e lākanga fo'ou kuo ma'u 'e he ta'ahine 'eiki' ni 'a ia ko 'ene hoko ko e Talafekau Lahi 'a Tonga ki Pilitānia'.

Hon Titilupe Fanetupouvava’u Kaho has met Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham palace today.

The Queen held an audience with Her Excellency on her appointment as Tonga High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

On Monday the Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Foreign and Commonwealth Office and MP for the cities of London and Westminster, Mark Field welcomed Hon Kaho to the court of St. James.

Hon Kaho wore a ta’ovala and black attire during the audience to honour the deaths of her aunt HRH Princess Taone Tuku’aho and uncle Siale ‘Ataongo Puloka.

Hon Kaho’s father, Lord Tuita, was Tonga High Commissioner to the UK from 1989 – 1992.


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