Gang associate to appear in Manukau court following fifth arrest over $6m meth seizure

‘Oku amanaki hā ‘i he Fakamaau’anga Fakavahe ‘o Manukau’ ‘a pongipongi ha taha ‘oku kaunga ki he kengi ‘Aositelēlia ko e Comanchero. Na’e puke ia hili ha fakatotolo ‘a e kau Polisi Nu’u Sila’ ‘i he Far North. Ko e puke ko ‘eni ko e konga ia e fakatotolo ne ‘iloa ko e Operation Gegenees ‘a ia ne puke ai ha kilokalami mefetamani ‘e 13.5 ‘i he mala’evakapuna fakavaha’apule’anga ‘Aokalani’ ‘i Mā’asi ‘o e ta’u ni’ ‘a ia ne fufuu’i mai ia ‘i ha mīsini sitila mamafa. Fakafuofua mahu’inga hala pule’anga ‘o e faito’o konatapu’ ni ki he $6 miliona.

An associate of Australian gang the Comanchero is expected to appear in the Manukau District Court tomorrow morning.

He was arrested after a significant National Organised Crime Group (NOCG) operation in the Far North this morning.

The arrest was in relation to Operation Gegenees, which was the seizure of 13.5 kilograms of methamphetamine at Auckland International Airport in March of this year which was brought into New Zealand concealed within heavy steel machinery.

The drugs would have had an estimated street value of at least $6 million.

“Our Special Tactics Group, NOCG, and local Northland staff assisted in the arrest early this morning of a 37-year-old male in Ngataki, who allegedly had been actively avoiding Police since March,” Detective Senior Sergeant Lloyd Schmid said.

The man, along with four other people who have been previously arrested, are now jointly charged with Importation of the Class A drug Methamphetamine.

Schmid said importing methamphetamine is an extremely serious crime of which the penalty can be life imprisonment.

“Today’s arrest sends a strong message to all organised crime gangs operating in New Zealand – you will be held accountable.

“Organised crime gangs are bringing methamphetamine into the country with absolutely no regard for the significant harm it causes in our communities.

We continue to work with our partners to stop this from happening and once again acknowledge Customs for the role they played in this seizure,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Schmid.

Anyone with information relating to illegal gang activity is urged to contact Police.

You can do this anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by contacting your nearest police station.


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