Fears for Meghan Markle after Dengue virus outbreak in Tonga – destination of first royal tour

    Kuo 'i ai ha manavasi'i 'i ha folau 'a Meghan Markle mo Pilinisi Harry ki Tonga koe'uhi ko e mofi tengi 'oku kei mo'utāmakia ai 'a e fonua'. 'Oku 'i ai foki e palani mahino ia 'a e ongo tamaiki toki ta'ane' ni ki ha'ana tama ke alo'i leva. Ka ko e tengi' 'oku lava ke mate ai ha pēpē te'eki fanau'i pe hoko ha ngaahi faingata'a ki hono sino'. Kuo fale'i ai 'a e ongo tamaiki' ni ke na kumi e fale'i taupotu taha' ki ha'ana folau ki Tonga kau ai mo Fisi 'i 'Okatopa. Ko e konga foki ia e folau kuo palani'i ki 'Aositelēlia mo Nu'u SIla.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s are being urged to rethink their Tonga travel plans amid a flood of cases of a deadly tropical disease.

    As Kaniva news reported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have planned a high-profile trip to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga in October.  Those plans have now been confirmed. 

    However, the plans for the legs of the trip which take in Fiji and Tonga have caused concerns – as there has been a shock Zika virus and dengue fever outbreak on the islands.

    According to UK Media, there are fears the tour could affect the royal couple’s plans to have a child.

    Dengue fever could cause risks in the unborn child including low birth weight, preterm birth, abortion and death.

    In March Tonga’s Ministry of Health said there were at least 70 confirmed dengue fever cases in the kingdom. This came after the Ministry announced there was an outbreak in January.

    There had been one fatality, Toafei Telefoni, who died while visiting Tonga from New Zealand.

    Pregnant women are advised to avoid areas where mosquito-borne Zika is present, as the disease can cause microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with abnormally small heads.

    A source told UK media: “The Duke and Duchess will have taken advice at the highest level before deciding that they were happy to go ahead and plan the trip.”

    The Foreign Office advises: “Couples should follow guidance on prevention of sexual transmission of Zika and avoid conception while travelling and for up to six months on return.”

    The Foreign Office also warns about recent outbreaks of dengue fever in Fiji, stating “some cases have been the potentially fatal haemorrhagic fever strain”.

    Our source said: “Every precaution will be taken. The royal couple’s health is naturally of the utmost importance.”


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