Church building on fire in Tongatapu

    'Oku te'eki fakapapau'i e vela ko eni he pongipongi' ni 'a e fale nofo'anga Siasi Uēsiliana 'o Haveluliku'. 'Ikai ha lavea pe mate 'e lipooti.

    Smoke was seen billowing out of a church at Haveluliku this morning.

    The building belonged to the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga.

    There were no reported injuries.

    Local broadcaster Mapa Ha’angana, who uploaded photos from the scene to Facebook said the fire started at about 9am.

    He said some family members were in the house but they managed to escape before the fire became uncontrolled.

    It is understood the burnt property was an old building and the church has just completed building a new house for its church minister.

    Fire Service has been contacted for comment.


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