Big royal events heading to Ha‘apai

    Longolongo kātoanga e Fo'i 'One'one'. 'E fakahoko e 'aho fakahifo e Tama Tu'i' 'i Ha'apai, kau atu ki ai mo e Faka'ali'ali Ngoue mo e Toutai' pehē ki he konifelenisi 'a e Siasi Uēsiliana Tau'atāina 'o Tonga'. Kotoa 'eni 'e kamata ia 'i he hili 'a e uike kaha'u'.

    A line-up of royal and church events are heading to Ha’apai after next week.

    The royal palace office has announced His Majesty King Tupou VI’s 59th birthday will be celebrated in Ha’apai on July 4. The king was born on July 12.

    The king will open the Royal Agriculture, Fisheries and Tonga-Made Show in Lifuka, Ha’apai on June 23.

    His Majesty will also open the 95th Free Wesleyan Church Annual Conference in Pangai on June 27.

    A tentative programme for the conference showed the church event will start with a welcoming reception hosted by Koulo church members.

    The eight-day church event will include an achievement award to students of the Sia’atoutai Theologian College on July 3.

    The king is expected to visit some coastal zones in the island groups which the Ministry of Fisheries has labelled as Special Management Areas where some fish and other marine organisms are being preserved and protected.

    The Royal Show will be also held in Vava’u on July 13, Niuatoputapu on July 18, Niuafo’ou on July 19, ‘Eua in July 25 and in Tongatapu on July 28.


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