Bare-knuckle fighting makes its fully legal return after 130 years in US

Na’e lava fakahoko ‘a e fuofua fuhu tuke fakalao ‘i ‘Amelika he uike ni. Ko e ta’u ‘eni ‘e 130 talu mei he 1889 kuo toe faka’atā ‘a e fuhu’ ni. Ne fe’unga mo ha toko 2000 tupu e kakai ne nau tefua he fuofua fuhu ko ‘eni ‘i ha senitā ‘i Cheyenne ko e kolomu’a ‘o Wyoming ‘i ‘Amelika. Na’e ‘ikai foki lau ki heni ‘a kinautolu ne nau mamata atu mei he televīsone’.

By ASSOCIATED PRESS The first ever state-sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match got a bloody ending – and a big response from a raucous crowd. Arnold Adams, a 32-year-old MMA heavyweight, pounded ex-UFC fighter D.J. Linderman’s face into a bloody mess in front of 2,000 rowdy fans at a hockey rink that usually hosts birthday parties and skating…

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