Police make second arrest over $2 million meth bust at Tonga border

Puke ha tangata hono ua 'a ia ko e kilina pe 'eni 'i he mala'e vakapuna Fua'amotu' fekau'aki mo e faito'okonatapu mefi ne 'uluaki puke ai ha tangata ta'u 59 mo ha kilo mefi 'e 1.9 'i Mē 'aho 8.

A second man has been arrested over a drug bust involving methamphetamine which has a street value of about $2 million on May 8.

The suspect was a cleaner at the Fua’amotu International Airport, local media reported.

Police would not release further details about the suspect.

The arrest came after Police initially arrested a 59-year-old man with 1.9 kilograms of meth which is also known as ice.

Police believed the man attempted to smuggle the drugs to New Zealand.

Both accused remain in Police custody.

The first suspect is expected to appear in court in August 30 while the second suspect is  expected to appear at the Magistrate Court tomorrow Friday, May 18.


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