Arrest in Onehunga train station assault

Kuo puke ha tangata ta'u 17 hili ha 'ohofi tā 'i he tau'anga lēlue 'i Onehunga he uike ni'. Hili foki eni hano līpooti atu he Kaniva' e 'ata 'o ha ni'ihi tukuaki'i ki he hia' ni. Na'e 'ohofi 'e he taha faihia' ni 'a e mamahi' lolotonga ha'ane tali lēlue 'o ne kaiha'asi 'ene uāleti', telefoni mo 'ene kato. Na'e lavea lahi 'a e mamahi' 'i hono 'ulu'.

A 17-year-old Auckland man has been arrested in relation to a violent assault that occurred at the Onehunga train station on Saturday 19 May, 2018.

The offender allegedly assaulted the victim who was sitting down waiting for his train and robbed him of his wallet, phone and belt bag.

The victim received serious head injuries as a result of the assault.

Thanks to some good information from the public, Police were able to locate the offender and he was arrested without incident yesterday evening.

Police have also identified two other people who are helping us with our enquiries.

“This arrest is a good example of what can be achieved with assistance from the public.  This was a traumatic event for our victim and we would like to thank the community, as the information provided to us in this situation helped hold to account the person responsible for a serious assault.” said Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Armstrong.

Police are continuing to support the victim throughout his recovery.  We have also received numerous offers of support for the victim from the local South American community too.

A 17-year-old man has been charged with robbery by assault and aggravated wounding and will appear in the Auckland District Court today.


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