64 year-old man sentenced for black market booze operation

Tautea mo'ua pa'anga $300 matāpule ta'u 64 mei Ma'ufanga ko e fakalele 'a e pelekimāketi kavamālohi tapu. Na'e puke 'e he kau polisi' 'a Loumalie Veamatahau fakataha mo ha puha pia Fositā 'e ua mo e ngaahi hina lapalapa 'e 20 fakataha mo e pa'anga kesi. Ko e hili 'eni hano lāunga'i 'o e faka'iloa mei he kakai'.

Ma’ufanga man Loumalie Veamatahau, 64, was fined $300 when he appeared in a  Magistrate court last week.

Police investigation uncovered Veamatahau’s offending and seized quantity of contraband alcohol including two cartons of Foster’s Lager beer, 20 small size bottles of alcohol known to locals as Lapalapa as well as cash, Taimi ‘o Tonga newspaper reported.

Veamatahau pleaded quilty. He asked the Magistrate Mana Kaufusi to be merciful while considering his ruling as he has a family and children to keep.

The court was told Police launched an investigation after receiving complaints the convict was selling alcohol unlawfully in his home. Police did not arrest Veamatahau after failing to find any evidence of the complaints in his property.

But more complaints from the public triggered Police into a second investigation which led to his arrest and charge.

Magistrate Kaufusi reminded Veamatahau the penalty for operating unlawful black market booze is maxmum fine of $5000 or a jail term of two years or both.


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