PM clarifies statement after UK property offer causes stir on social media

Fakama'ala'ala 'e he 'Eiki Palēmia' 'ene me'a 'o foaki ha toe faingamālie ma'a Pilitānia 'okapau te nau toe foki mai ki Tonga 'o fakaava honau 'ōfisi ai'. Na'e hoko 'ene lea ko 'eni 'a ia ne fai 'i Pilitānia lolotonga 'ene 'i ai 'i ha fakataha 'aho ua 'a e kau taki 'o e kominiueli' ke fehu'ia ia 'e ha ni'hi 'a e totonu ki he 'api ko 'eni 'oku tu'u 'i Nuku'alofa. 'I ha tali mei he 'Eiki Palēmia na'e pehē 'e he'ene fale'i fakamītia: Na'e me'a e 'Eiki Palemia o pehe, "Ko 'ene lave'i ko e konga 'api ko e 'api 'o e Pule'anga. Pea 'okapau 'oku hala 'ene ma'u, 'oku ne kole fakamolemole!"

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva today sought to clarify a statement he made to British authorities saying they could take up again a former residence they previously used in Nuku’alofa in the past.

His statement has sparked a debate on social media with some commenters saying the Prime Minister has overstepped his bound because the property belonged to the king.

“But I thought that HM owns that place ??” a commenter said on Facebook.

“I know what’s happening with this crazy man?” another commenter replies.

The Prime Minister’s Media Advisor Lōpeti Senituli said Hon. Pōhiva thought the government owned the property.

In Tongan Senituli quoted Hon. Pōhiva as saying: “Na’e me’a e ‘Eiki Palemia o pehe, “Ko ‘ene lave’i ko e konga ‘api ko e ‘api ‘o e Pule’anga. Pea ‘okapau ‘oku hala ‘ene ma’u, ‘oku ne kole fakamolemole!”

This translates into English as: “The Prime Minister made a statement and said. “He thought the property is owned by government. If he gets it wrong, he apologizes.”

Hon. Pōhiva made his statement in London after he was told the United Kingdom would soon announce that it would re-open its missions in some Pacific Islands.

In a previous statement from his office,  Hon. ‘Akilisi Pōhiva was quoted as saying:  “The British Government’s re-engagement in the South Pacific is music to Tongan ears and I take the opportunity to offer the British Government the use of its former Residence in Nuku’alofa from which you departed 12 years ago.”

Hon. Pōhiva was in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government two-day Meeting which began on April 19.

As Kaniva News reported this morning, the UK pulled out of Tonga 12 years ago and reduced its presence in its former colonies in the Islands.

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