Missing man named as bad weather halts sea search

    Ta'ofi 'e he kau polisi e kumi 'o Tevita 'Ekuasi, 21, 'o Kala'au 'a ia ne mole pea 'oku te'eki pe ma'u hili 'ene puli he Sāpate 'i he Pupu'a Puhi. Na'a ne puna ki tahi fakataha mo Sione Toki ta'u 32 'o Vaotu'u pea lava 'a Toki 'o feinga 'o foki ki uta kae 'ikai lava 'a 'Ekuasi. Ne failotu pe 'a hono fāmili he matātahi ni talu mei he Sāpate.

    The search for a man who went missing at the Blow Holes in Houma, Tongatapu on Sunday 8 has been suspended because of bad weather.

    A handful of family, relatives and friends of Tēvita ‘Ekuasi ,21, from Kala’au gathered to hold a prayer vigil at the beach since Sunday. They were holding out hope that he will be found.

    As Kaniva News reported on Sunday ‘Ekuasi and another man jumped into the water.

    That man according to Police was Sione Toki, 32, of Vaotu’u. Toki managed to swim back to shore but ‘Ekuasi could not make it.

    Police now said the duo were intoxicated.

    Meanwhile, the Tonga Meteorological Service has warned that Category 3 tropical cyclone Keni could hit Ha’apai, Tongatapu and ‘Eua this week on its current track.

    For further information

    Reports of person missing at sea in Tongatapu


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