Man arrested over TOP$297,000 methamphetamine shipment from US

    Puke 'e he kau polisi ha uta mei 'Amelika ko e faito'o konatapu kalasi ko e mefetamini fakamahu'inga ka fakatau atu he hala pule'anga 'e a'u ki he pa'anga $297,000. Ko e lahi 'o e faito'o tapu ni ko e kalami 'e 297. Ne toe puke mo ha tangata mo ha faito'o konatapu kanapisi ne fe'unga hono lahi mo e kalami 'e 30.4, 'oku ne tu'uaki fakatau atu.

    A 39-year-old man has been arrested on April 17 after 297 grams of methamphetamine,  with a street value of TOP$297,000,  was smuggled into the country in a shipment from the United States.

    A 31-year-old man was also arrested after he was caught with 30.4grams of cannabis.

    Acting Chief Superintendent Tevita Vailea said: “This type of criminal activity causes significant harm to our youths and community. Methamphetamine is a destructive drug that destroys lives and impacts families. We are saving lives by removing these drugs from our streets. Police are vigilant and committed to the ongoing targeting of this type of offending.

    It’s important to remember that these people supplying drugs to our community put profit above all else and do not consider the health and wellbeing of users and its negative impact on our society.”

    “Police will continue to work with the community to prevent the harm illicit drugs cause and the ongoing criminal activity associated with their use.

    “Those with any information on drug-related offending are encouraged to speak in confidence to an officer at their local Police station, or contact 23417.”

    The suspects remain in police custody while investigation continues.


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