Woman drowns at Veitongo beach

    Kuo mate ha fefine 'aneafi 'i he matātahi Veitongo. Fakahā 'e he Pule Polisi Nuku'alofa Tēvita Vailea ki he Kaniva 'e toki tuku ange mai 'a e fakaikiiki 'i ha taimi si'i hili 'a hono faka'eke'eke ia.

    A woman has died after drowning at Veitongo beach yesterday, Saturday 17.

    Tonga Police Chief Superintendent Tēvita Vailea said they received reports of a person in trouble in the water.

    He said Police alleged the deceased was intoxicated.

    Vailea told Kaniva News to expect further details of the incident later today.

    Veitongo beach has a reputation for dangerous conditions.

    As Kaniva News reported in 2015, ʻEmeline Ngalu Pousini, from Maʻufanga  and Vili Foekina-ʻI he-Langi Jagroop of Fasimoeafi died while they had a picnic with friends at the beach.


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