Police arrest former Speaker and Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakanō

    Puke 'e he kau Polisi 'a e Sea 'o e Fale Alea mo e Palemia ki mu'a ko Looti Tu'ivakano. Ko e ongoongo talame'afo'ou 'eni pea ke mou toutou vakai mai pe ki ho'omou ongoongo mo e Kaniva 'i ha maau mai 'a ha toe fakaikiiki ange ki he 'uhinga 'o e puke ko 'eni.

    Police have arrested Lord Tu’ivakanō yesterday Thursday 1, Kaniva News has been reliably informed.

    The arrest comes after Police Minister Māteni Tapueluelu tendered his resignation on Tuesday.

    The Minister, whose resignation was not accepted by Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva,  told Kaniva News recently he was confirmed by Police they would arrest the former Speaker of Parliament last month.

    But the arrest did not go ahead as initially planned and this had worried Hon. Tapueluelu.

    As we reported in 2016, Lord Tu’ivakano’s laptop was confiscated by Police as part of a Police passport investigation.

    Last year Kaniva News reported that the current Member of Parliament for Tongatapu 3 denied allegations made against him by a former parliamentary employee saying he was involved in improperly sending money overseas and abused his power by using parliamentary staff to do personal work for him.

    Lord Tu’ivakanō is one of the king’s members of nobility.


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