Murdered couple: Emotion high as bodies returned home to China

Fakahā'ele sino 'o e ongo mātu'a Siaina ne ma'u 'i Matafonua. 'Oku tukuaki'i ko e tāmate'i kinaua pea kuo puke ai ha toko ua ta'u 15 mo e ta'u 17. Ne hoko hono fakahā'ele kinaua he ho'ata ni ki he mala'evakapuna Fua'amotu ke ne langa'i ha ongo'i 'ofa mo'oni 'i he kāinga Tonga ne nau fetaulaki mo hona putu, ki he ongo muli ko 'eni ne na fai 'a e ngāue lelei 'i Tonga ko e ngoue 'o fakatau atu 'i he ngaahi mākei vesitapolo.

Emotion ran high at Taufa’āhau roadsides as the funeral cortege of the Chinese couple’s bodies was led by a Police vehicle to the Fua’amotu International airport.

Mr and Mrs Wen’s bodies, which were found with stab wounds in a bush allotment in Matafonua on February 25, left Tonga to China this afternoon.

Victorina Kioa told Kaniva News she met the couple’s funeral procession on the road.

“I was on my way back from USP after dropping my kids off. I just parked by the roadside while I was in tears.  So sad,” she said.

There were reports on social media of motorists parking their vehicles at the roadsides to show their respect to the couple when their cortege was heading to the airport at noon.

As Kaniva News reported, Police have arrested two male teenagers 17 and 15 on March 1 and charged them with murder after the couple’s bodies were found.

The Hon. Prime Minister paid a tribute to the couple.

Hon. Pōhiva said words cannot express how deeply sad and disappointment  he was  to know that Mr. and Mrs. Wen were killed in a most violent way.

“I am also very sad to know that the alleged assailants are a 15 year old and a 17 year old”.

The couple used to sell vegetables at the Talamahu vegetable market as well as at road-side stalls in Fanga’o Pilolevu.

They were well-known to people who bought vegetables from them.


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