Man stabbed to death in Tongatapu, authority says

    Mate ha tangata ta'u 22 'i Fangaloto, Tongatapu tukuaki'i na'e hoka hele'i. Ko e hano fakapapau'i 'eni mei fale mahaki ki he Ongooongo 'a e Kaniva Tonga. 'Oku tukuaki'i na'e 'i ai e kaunga ki heni 'a e kava malohi tapu. 'Oku te'eki tuku ange mai ha fakaikiiki.

    A 22-year-old man died in Fangaloto after he was allegedly stabbed to death this afternoon Sunday 4, a hospital spokesperson has confirmed to Kaniva News.

    Authority believed drinking was involved.

    No further details were available, the spokesperson said.

    The death came after four people had been arrested and charged after three various murder cases were reported in Tongatapu last month.

    As Kaniva News reported, Police have arrested two male teenagers Thursday, March 1 and charged them with murder.

    The move was made after two bodies of a Chinese couple were found in a bush allotment in Matafonua, Lakepa.

    The couple in their early 50s were found with obvious injuries on their bodies in February 25, Police said.

    On another murder case, an 18-year-old suspect was charged with murder on February 13. Police later named the suspect as Lotu Tu’ifufu.

    Tu’ifufu was charged after his 18-year-old girl friend died in a road in ‘Umusī, near Fangaloto on February 13.

    Before that a Te’ekiu man was arrested after another man was killed and his body was found near a road in Fatai, Hihifo, on February 4.

    The victim has been stabbed and he died in hospital upon arrival, Police said.

    Hateni Kaufusi, 32,  was arrested and is in Police custody after.


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