Third person dies after ‘Atele crash

    Mate e tangata Siaina na'e faka'uli he veeni ne fepaki mo e kā 'o mate ai 'a Fangufangu Mana Jr. Lātū mo Sōsefo Kalangalupe Lōloa. Ko 'ene mālōlō 'eni hili pe ha lau houa mei he mate 'a e ongo tangata 'a ia ne mate 'a Sōsefo 'i he hoko pe 'a e fakatamaki pea toki mālōlō 'a Fangufangumana ki fale mahaki.

    A man has died shortly after a two-vehicle crash in which two other people were killed on Saturday 24.

    Police believed Xiang Zeng ,22, was travelling in a van along Taufa‘āhau main road at about 10pm when attempting to overtake a vehicle and allegedly crashing into a car.

    Police said Xiang, a Chinese national, was traveling eastbound when he allegedly swerved towards a sidewalk and after he probably attempted  to correct the van, he crashed on to the oncoming car heading west.

    Police said Sōsefo Lōloa , 37, of Lapaha died on impact and the other passenger, Fangufangu Mana Jr.  Lātū ,35, of Haveluloto died at Vaiola Hospital,  about four hours later.

    As Kaniva News reported last night, the driver of the car was Tu’itamala Lōloa, the wife of Sōsefo.

    Police said this afternoon Tu’tamala, 41, sustained injuries and is in “critical condition.”

    She told us last night Sōsefo and Fangufangu Mana were best friends since high school.

    Police extend their sympathies to the families and friends of the deceased.

    Police are appealing for everyone to drive carefully after the incident.

    “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, most drivers do a great job and we congratulate them for making sound decisions when they’re behind the wheel. It’s the mistake and poor judgment of the risk takers who put the lives of the innocent in danger.”

    Police investigation continues.


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