Sione Lau’i: Tribute to man killed outside nightclub

    Mate 'a Sione Lau'i ko ha toketā nifo ne toki foki mai mei Fisi hili 'ene ako ai 'o kamata ngāue 'i Vaiola. Kuo puke 'e he kau polisi ha taha ngāue sekilitī 'i he naitikalapu Nauti Ruby 'i Ma'ufanga 'o faka'ilo ki he tāmate.

    Tributes have been paid to a man who died after being assaulted outside a nightclub in Ma’ufanga.

    Sione Lau’i, known as Feo, was found outside Nauti Ruby by police on Friday night February 9.

    He was taken to hospital, but died on Friday 16.

    His family, relatives and circle of friends said Mr Lau’i was a “true gentleman in every sense”.

    Lau’i, who was believed to be in his 20s,  was a dentist at Vaiola dental care services after returning from the University of the South Pacific in December.

    His father and his only sister were government teachers.

    One commentator on social media said: “It is with great regret that we have just heard the tragic news that Sione Moala Feo Lau’i has passed away as a result of the injuries received.”

    “We offer Feo’s family and friends our sincerest condolences at this most heartbreaking time.”

    A male security guard in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of murder and he remains in custody.


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