Murder accused’s family apologize to victim’s family

    Kole fakamolemole mei he ongoongo 'a e Kaniva Tonga ki he fāmili mo e maheni 'o e pekia 'i hono ngāue'aki 'a e la'itā hala 'i hono 'uluaki tuku atu 'o e ongoongo ko 'eni. Neongo 'oku feinga ma'u pe Kaniva he ngaahi ongoongo peheni ke fakapapau'i 'a e fakamatala mo ha tā mei he fāmili pe ni'ihi ofi 'ia kinautolu ka kuo mahino 'eni 'e toe fai e ngāue ki he founga ko ia. Kātaki 'alā he fehalaaki mo ha ngaahi maumau kuo hoko ai.

    The family of the man who was charged in connection with the death of ‘Ailine Halafo’ou Fīnau had formally apologized to the deceased’s family for their son’s actions.

    It is understood the family of the accused arrived at the victim’s family home early this week with a hala which included Tongan handicrafts, a hog and a bull.

    It followed with a matāpule, who spoke on behalf of the accused, formally asking the Finaus to forgive their son.

    A relative close to the victim’s family said the family felt the apology was an admission by accused’s family that they deeply regretted what their son did.

    In a response from the victim’s family, a matāpule said, according to the relative, they appreciated the apology.

    Photos uploaded to Facebook yesterday showed ‘Ailine’s father posing for a photo together with the accused’s father.

    One photo showed the two families posed for photos together.

    Police have charged the 18-year-old suspect with murder.

    As Kaniva News reported last week, the accused and the deceased were known to each other and they had a child together.

    A murder inquiry was launched after ‘Ailine was fatally injured in an attack police believe involved a machete.

    The 18-year-old died at the scene in a road in ‘Umusi, Ma’ufanga on February 13.

    Editor’s note: The Kaniva Tonga News  apologises unreservedly to the family and friends of ‘Ailine Halafo’ou Finau following the incorrect use of a featured image in a copy of this story which we published earlier today. The previous photo was published with a caption saying the person in the photo was ‘Ailine. That was not correct.  


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