Man arrested and charged following Office Equipment burglary

    Kuo puke 'e he kau polisi ha tangata ta'u 25 mei Tatakamotonga fekau'aki mo e kaiha'a ne ma'u 'i ha vitioo. Ko e kaiha'a 'eni 'i he Office Equipment 'i he Hala Fatafehi 'i Nuku'alofa 'I he 'aho 6 Sanuali. Na'e tokoni ki he fakatotolo 'a e kau polisi 'a e vitioo ni, 'a ia ko e vitio le'o pe 'eni 'a e 'ofisi. Kuo faka'ilo 'a e tangata ni 'o 'amanaki ke ne ha 'i he fakamaau'anga polsi Nuku'alofa he 'aho ni.

    A 25-year-old Tatakamotonga man was arrested yesterday in connection with a robbery at the Office Equipment in Nuku’alofa on January 6.

    Police have arrested the man from a bush allotment in Tatakamotonga at around 2.00pm.

    He has been charged with housebreaking and theft and was remanded in
    Police custody to appear at the Nuku’alofa Magistrate Court later today, Police said.

    As Kaniva News reported, a CCTV video which captured the incident was released to Police and social media after more than TP$10,000 went missing from the Fatafehi road office.

    A search of the place where the suspect was arrested from found clothes which match those worn by the person who appeared in the security footage.

    “This is excellent work by the Police Criminal Investigation Unit in locating and
    arresting this man responsible for this burglary,” says Acting Chief Superintendent
    Tevita Vailea.

    “Burglary is a crime that affects not only the shop owners, but also the community,
    and we will make sure that criminals are held to account for their actions.”


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