Man ,18, arrested in 18 year-old girl machete death

    Puke kau polisi ha tangata ta'u 18 hili 'eni ha mate 'a ha fefine ta'u 18. 'Oku tui 'a e kau polisi ne kau ha helepelu he tupu'anga 'o e mate ko 'eni. Na'e hoko 'eni 'i 'Umusī 'i Ma'ufanga he 'aho 13 'o Fepueli. Kei hoko atu pe 'a e fakatotolo.

    A murder inquiry has been launched after a woman was fatally injured in an attack police believe involved a machete.

    The 18-year-old victim died at the scene in a road in ‘Umusi, Ma’ufanga on February 13.

    An 18-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the attack, Police said.

    The accused and deceased were known to each other and they had a child together, Police said.

    The incident was first reported yesterday evening with one Facebook poster saying two Police vehicles were at the scene.

    Police have charged the suspect with murder while he remains in Police custody.

    Police are continuing their inquiry.


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