Speaker confirms date of election for Prime Ministership for Monday 18

    The Interim Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Lord Tangi ’o e Vaonukonuka, has confirmed the date of the vote for the Prime Ministership will be Monday 18.

    Lord Tangi will hold a meeting with the Elected Representatives to the Legislative Assembly of Tonga on Monday, at the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

    The Interim Speaker will chair and lead this meeting where the Elected Representatives will elect the Prime Minister Designate from the two nominated Candidates.

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    The names of the Candidates and those who moved and seconded their respective nominations will be revealed at the meeting, the Interim Speaker said in a statement this morning.

    MPs will also elect the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

    Two nominations have been received for the post of Prime Minister.

    The first nomination was lodged by MP for Tongatapu 10, Hon. Pōhiva Tu’i’onetoa, on
    December 5.

    A second nomination was received from former Deputy Prime Minister and Vava’u 15 MP
    Hon. Sāmiu Kuita Vaipulu.

    While details of the nominations are yet to be revealed, one of them is expected to be Hon.
    ‘Akilisi Pōhiva, whose Democratic Party was returned to power in the snap election called
    after the king dismissed parliament.

    Kaniva News reported earlier this week that Hon. Pōhiva had called on nobles and non-
    Democratic Party Members of Parliament to support his Party and refrain from nominating
    any more Prime Minister designates.

    Hon. Pōhiva said he understood the nine Noble members had been split on the idea.

    Hon. Vaipulu challenged Hon. Pōhiva for the premiership after the 2014 election.

    Hon. Pōhiva won with the support of 15 of 17 People’s Representatives, including all 10 MPs from his party, and five of the seven independent members.

    All nine Nobles’ Representatives voted for Vaipulu.


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