Ramsays’ friends and family share grief of son’s death on social media

    The Ramsay’s family and friends shared messages on Facebook to express their love and grief about the death of their 23-year-old son.

    Tōfā ‘I Mala’e ‘Āloa Ramsay, the second son of Nancy and late Kamipeli Tōfā Ramsay, died after a house fire on December 15.

    Firefighters were dispatched to the scene and found his body inside the familyʻs burning home in Haveluloto, local media reported.

    The Ramsays were well-known business family and they owned the Tōfā Ramsay Shipping company which served inter island ferry services in Tonga.

    One friend had written “Gone too soon” and another had said “I can’t believe the news”.

    Nancy said in a message she sent to Kaniva News on Facebook said that her son’s body will be laid to rest tomorrow Sunday 24 at Takaunove cemetery.


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