Kevini Maka’s family not satisfied with progress of investigation

The parents of Kevini Maka whose body was found in a waterway just about 100 metres away from his home in Pātangata said they were not satisfied with Police investigation reports.

As Kaniva News reported in September, Tonga Police have treated the 22-year-old’s death as suspicious after his body was pulled from the newly constructed waterway.

It followed with a Police investigation but no arrest has been made.

Kevini’s father Taupeamuhu and mother ‘Ofa Maka told us in an interview yesterday Police told them the investigation has stalled after investigators were unable to link forensic evidence and information provided to them by witnesses to a suspect.

Taupeamuhu said at one stage Police interviewed them together with 14 other witnesses.

He said what he gathered from some of these witnesses had led him to believe Police should have enough evidence to make an arrest.

“I do not know anything about how Police investigate but I can tell from what those witnesses had talked about Police should now held someone accountable for our son’s death,” Taupeamuhu said in Tongan.

Kaniva News was talking to the Makas yesterday at Tu’atākilangi while they were at a Design Service to pay for a banner to decorate their son’s cemetery in Talafo’ou.

‘Ofa said the decoration was part of a preparation for the Talafo’ou Day.

She said they updated Police from time to time whenever they got new information.

She said they were planning to see a lawyer to advise them on what they could do next as they really wanted justice for their son.

The Makas were originally from Talafo’ou but they are residing in Pātangata.

Police did not respond to our request for comment.


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