Care during her mother’s last days changed bride’s heart

A young Tongan man showed his love for his future bride by supporting her mother during the last days of her illness.

That love was rewarded with a wedding last weekend in Tonga and a chance to start a new life in Australia.

Siaosi Lopeti, who  was working in Australia, met high school teacher ‘Ana Maka when they sang together in a choir.

At the time Maka’s mother was bedridden with cancer. Siaosi regularly visited her mother when she was moved to hospital and comforted her while she was struggling with the pain.

Her mother died while Siaosi was still in Australia.

He returned to Tonga at the beginning of this year and stayed until August when he was granted a fiancee visa to travel back to Australia.

The couple were married in Pea Catholic church with a reception at Liku’alofa resort on Saturday.

The couple will return to Australia next week. Siaosi now has permanent residency after Maka applied for it on his behalf.

During the celebrations, Siaosi’s eldest sister Sesilia Ika Palusa praised Maka for her love for Siaosi.


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