Videos: brutal fight inside Pak’n Save, witnesses yell in Tongan to stop fighting

    New Zealand: Footages of a violent fight among several men inside the Mangere Pak’n Save supermarket has surfaced on social media this morning.

    One of the videos showed the men attacked one another while stunned shoppers moved towards them with some yelling at the fighters in Tongan to stop fighting.

    The men however engaged in a brutal fight lasting several minutes.

    Another 36-second video showed the shoppers crowd around the fight, with many screaming as the brawl escalates.

    A woman was heard begging earnestly in Tongan to one of the attackers saying “Tuku ia. Ko e Tonga pe?” (Stop it. They are also Tongans).

    Another woman was heard yelling in Tongan: “Tuku ia” (Stop it).

    A Pak N Save staff, who did not want to be identified, has confirmed the incident to Kaniva News and said it took place yesterday evening, Tuesday 24.

    It is still unclear what started the brawl and whether the men involved suffered injuries or not.


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