US tourists fall victim to Vava‘u booking scams

Nine tourists from the United States had been allegedly robbed of about $10,000 in a scam Police said was organised by a Tongan woman from New Zealand who was staying in Vava’u.

Tonga Police said a 65-year-old man from the United States who was staying on Mala Island in Vava’u lodged a complaint with police and have revealed how they were duped in the online thread last month.

The tourists allegedly paid $9,720 to the 37-year-old woman as payment for their meals, accommodation and transportation while touring Vava’u for whale watching.

They arrived in Vava’u to find the woman only paid for their accommodation and nothing else.

No charges had been laid after the woman paid back the money, Police said.

Police are warning tourists to be vigilant after the incident.


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