“Don’t do it to them as they are also Tongans”; Four arrested as new footage emerged

WARNING: This video contains foul Tongan language

Police have made two further arrests following the fight which broke out inside a Mangere Pak ‘n Save on Tuesday, bringing the total number of people arrested to four.

A 29-year-old male from Mangere has been charged with assault with intent to injure and disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence.

He will be appearing in the Manukau District Court on 1/11/17.

An 18-year-old male has been referred to the Community Justice Panel.

Shocking new footage has emerged of the brawl revealing more Tongan languages could be heard including swearing and one that could identify the men involved were Tongans.

“‘Oua ko e Tonga pe”. This could be translated into English as: “Don’t do it to them as they are also Tongans”, a brave woman who attempted to help break up the fight could be heard as saying in Tongan.

“Sikiuliti! Sikiuliti! ‘Oua! ‘Oua!”, one woman yelled. (“Security! Security! Don’t! Don’t!)

One of the men involved in the brawl can be heard swearing in Tongan – ” ‘Us… e”

As Kaniva Tonga news reported on Tuesday, a bystander could be heard in one of the footages begging earnestly in Tongan to one of the attackers saying “Tuku ia. Ko e Tonga pe” (Stop it. They are also Tongans).

Another woman could be heard yelling in Tongan: “Tuku ia” (Stop it).

NZ Herald report said footage from a different angle reveals it was in fact a nasty brawl involving at least six people.

“Several blows are struck in the footage – including a brave guard who tried to break up the brawl. Other shoppers intervene to try and break it up.”

Police earlier said they were called to the incident involving multiple individuals around 9.10pm on Tuesday, but when they arrived those involved had fled the scene.

Police appealed for public help with their investigation.


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