Police appeal for help identifying tattooed corpse pulled from Popua waterway

    Police were still unable to put a name to the tattooed man whose dead body was pulled from the Popua waterway this afternoon.

    The deceased has a tattoo of the words Vola Halasiti on his chest, Police said.

    They have appealed to the public to help identify the deceased.

    Police were called to the scene at  around 12:45pm.

    “Police ask anyone who has any information that can assist us with our investigation or knows any missing person, to call us immediately at 922, 23417 or to the Police Station closest to you”, says Acting Chief Superintendent Tevita Vailea.

    Graphic photos of the deceased have been posted on Facebook and have been widely shared.

    “…Police are asking the public to refrain from sharing  these photos.

    “The dignity of the dead must always  be respected.

    “By uploading those photos shows absolutely no respect to this victim. The deceased has yet to be identified and the fact of his death has not been known to the family of the victim at this early stage,”  Vailea said.

    There is no further information available at this stage, Police said.

    Police Investigation is underway.


    1. ‘Oku kei feinga ‘a e kau Polisí ke ʻilo pe ko hai ʻa e pekia ne toki ʻohake ki ʻolunga hono sinó he hoʻatā efiafi ʻo e ʻaho ní mei he fakatafenga vai ʻi he Paaka Popuá.

      ʻOku ʻi ai e tā tatau he fatafata ʻo e pekiá ko e hingoa ko e Vola Halasiti.

      Oku kole ʻa e kau Polisí ki he kakaí ke nau kātaki ka ʻoku nau ʻilo ʻa e toko tahá ni pea ke nau fetuʻutaki ki he fika 922 pe 23417 pe ko e ʻapi polisi ofi taha.


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