Man arrested over abduction and sexual assault of 6-year-old girl

    A 21-year-old man has been arrested and charged after an abduction and sexual assault of a six-year-old girl.

    The victim was returned to her family, Acting Police Supt Semi Veʻehala said.

    The accused remains in police custody as part of an ongoing investigation.

    No further information is available at this time, he said.

    “Police and Victim Support are doing everything they can to support the victim and her family,” Ve’ehala said.

    “Police are committed to doing everything in their power to prevent this type of abuse and harm, protect victims and hold perpetrators to account.”

    “It is vital that parents are aware of where their children are at all time, who they are communicating with and have some open and frank conversations about keeping safe, and not talking to strangers.”


    1. Kuo puke ʻe he kau polisí ha tangata ʻo fakaʻilo ki hono puke ʻoʻave fakamalohiʻi mo ʻohofi ʻo fakahoko ha tōʻonga taʻetaau ki ha taʻahine taʻu ono.

      Kuo fakafoki ʻa e mamahí ki hono fāmilí, ko e fakamatala ia ʻa e pule polisi leʻoleʻo ko Semi Veʻehala.

      ʻOku kei tauhi ʻa e fakaʻiloá ʻe he kau polisí ko e konga ʻo ha fakatotolo kuo fakahoko.

      Naʻe ʻikai ha toe fakamatala ʻe malava ke tuku mai ʻe he kau polisí kau ki he meʻa ni ngata pe ʻi he tapou ʻa Veveʻehala ke tokanga ʻa e mātuʻa ki he malu ʻa ʻenau fānaú.

      Naʻe pehē ʻoku fai foki ʻa e tukuingata ʻo e kau polisí ke tokonia ʻa e mamahí mo hono fāmilí.


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