NZ-based Tongan man electrocuted while attending his father’s funeral in Kolomotu’a

    A Tongan man who lived in South Auckland, New Zealand was electrocuted after he had arrived in Tongatapu to attend his father’s funeral.

    ‘Isileli Palu, 36, of Otara died on Thursday night, August 3 at his family residence in Kolomotu’a when they were erecting tents for the funeral.

    Police said Palu touched a power cord as they were putting up the tents.

    He died instantly from the electrocution at around 9:00pm, Police said.

    As Kaniva News reported, a 52-year-old man from ‘Eua was electrocuted while using a washing machine at his house in early this year.

    In March 2016, a mother of three who was also a teacher at Tupou college was electrocuted when she attempted to unplug a power extension cord outside her house.

    Police were investigating the cause of Palu’s death.


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