Two girls discharged from hospital following Hihifo road accident

    Two girls who had been injured after a crash that involved a bus and another two vehicles on Hihifo road in Siaʻatoutai Friday 30 June have been discharged from hospital.

    One of the girls suffered serious face injuries and she underwent surgery at Vaiola hospital.

    She was released from hospital about two days later, a hospital spokesperson said.

    The other girl suffered a musculoskeletal injury and she was discharged yesterday Sunday 2 after receiving medical treatment.

    Reports said the accident happened at around 11pm.

    “Regarding the said MVA, there were only two young females needing admissions to Surgical Ward. One had superficial facial lacerations and was discharged within 24hrs”. the spokesperson said.

    “The second young female was admitted for musculoskeletal injury of the right thigh, however, there were no fracture and was thus discharged yesterday. Both will be followed up at the surgical special clinic”.


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